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Presidential Visits With Palm Beach Season Coming to an End

With spring slowly exiting, and summer fast-approaching, the annual migration of Palm Beach’s seasonal elite to fairer climates begins.

Permanent residents of Palm Beach are left to question: Will President Donald Trump continue to frequently visit the Winter White House?

The Mar-a-Lago Club, President Trump’s home away from the White House, usually closes during the slow summer season. The Town of Palm Beach most expects less Presidential visits in the upcoming months, but that may not be the case.

Town of Palm Beach Director of Public Safety Kirk Blouin says,“There is certainly a noticeable difference in traffic in Town. The Traffic counts will continue to decline at a fast pace until the end of May.” When asked about the tourists who go to take photos at Mar-a-Lago, Blouin says, “Tourists are still around but certainly in less numbers.” 

Other press outlets have mentioned asking questions regarding the President’s summer travel plans and were directed to the White House, which was not available for comment.

Last summer during the campaign, then candidate Trump made visits throughout the state of Florida, including events at Doral and Sunrise. This summer, Trump has viable options for weekend visits. Aside from Mar-a-Lago, he has his penthouse in Manhattan and his Bedford, New York estate as well.

There are 14 other Trump golf courses spread around the world outside of Florida; two in New Jersey and three in New York; close to the north-east destinations where the seasonal elite migrate to for better climate.

Trump has made seven trips to the Town of Palm Beach since taking office, where he has hosted world leaders, met with federal officials, played golf and authorized a missile attack, all while attracting demonstrators in large numbers.

Presidential Visits With Palm Beach Season Coming to an End

From Palm Beach to I-95, on land, in the sea and sky, the presidential weekend visits and security measures have gridlocked traffic; keeping boats and beach patrons alike away from areas near Trump’s waterfront estate, and hurting the nearby aviation businesses being blocked from flying through presidential airspace.

Businesses closer to Mar-a-Lago suffer from road closures by the Secret Service, keeping customers away from Palm Beach boutiques and restaurants that, under normal conditions, thrive on the weekends.

Palm Beach County leaders expect a future economic benefit, despite heavy security measures for presidential visits. With all of the media exposure, they are relying on a big boost from tourists. The invasion of tourists and media attention is still a problem for some. The Town of Palm Beach is home to some of the country’s wealthiest residents, where privacy is the most precious amenity.

Starting from the end of the Thanksgiving holiday, to the end of Easter Sunday is when Palm Beach’s season of social calendar events begin. Glamorous galas, luxurious balls and fundraisers galore all hosted by Mar-a-Lago where a membership fee is now $200,000, and other local resorts.

Local taxpayers are footing the costs to host the President’s visits. Since the elected President, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office estimates about $3.7 million in costs for law enforcement agencies in South Florida to help provide security for Trump’s visits. County leaders are seeking reimbursements from the federal government.

We expect this to be a talking point for years to come.

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