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History of Worth Avenue Town of Palm Beach

History of Worth Avenue Town of Palm Beach. Here is a video we made showing the interesting facts that makes Worth Avenue in the Town of Palm Beach so special and so unique. There are many interesting pieces of history that you probably never thought of.  You can find the video here as well

History of Worth Avenue Town of Palm Beach

Many people didn’t know who the street was named after, or how the Clock Tower ended up at the end of Worth Ave. It seems to surprise Town of Palm Beach residents to know what the oldest store is, or how many Palm Trees were planted during the renovation that took place years ago. The cost of the redevelopment project also leaves people in awe since it was in the tens of millions. But at the end of the day, the residents of Palm Beach Island have one of the most iconic streets in the county, right in their own backyard. They can eat, shop, play, socialize and relax. They can even hit the beach all within minutes of wherever they are on Worth Avenue.

Please take the time to watch this video in its entirety and share it with your friends around town. It is important we all know the history that Worth Avenue possesses.

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