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Town of Palm Beach Alert Concerning Hurricane Matthew

This is a Town of Palm Beach alert concerning Hurricane Matthew. The storm will most likely arrive to our Town on Thursday afternoon. The threat is imminent as of now. The time to start preparing is dwindling. This will approach the Town of Palm Beach coastline as a Category 4 hurricane and will cause enormous damage if it makes landfall at this strength. Although many of our residents have generators and necessities, it is important to realize the importance of civility during these challenging times. Please be aware how you act towards your neighbors in the aftermath of the storm. We are all in this together and speeding through traffic lights isn’t going to help.

Now, let’s go over some the basics as Hurricane Matthew aims towards the Town of Palm Beach. Obviously you should buy water.

  1. Make sure your phones are charged and that you have charged all extra phone chargers you may use.
  2. Make sure you tie all french door handles together to prevent them from blowing open.
  3. Bring everything inside the house/apartment. EVERYTHING
  4. Fuel up your vehicles and get extra gas containers to have a few extra gallons.
  5. Fill up your propane tanks.
  6. Get extra bags of ice to use in a big cooler.
  7. Try to use an emergency radio to listen to broadcasts should the power go out.
  8. Get cash from the bank.

Town of Palm Beach Alert Concerning Hurricane Matthew

Our Town Manager, Thomas G. Bradford, has sent out a release show that the Town has declared a State of Local Emergency for Hurricane Matthew. A HURRICANE WARNING is currently in effect for The Town of Palm Beach and the entire county as well. A “warning” means conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are expected in the area.

According to the The Town of Palm Beach website, they are asking all residents and businesses to suspend trimming until after the storm has passed. They go on to say “The town will be suspending all garbage, recycle, and yard waste collections effective Thursday, October 6, 2016, until feasible and safe to do so after the storm. All questions and comments should be directed to Chester Purves, Services Division Manager, who can be reached at (561) 838-5440.”

Be safe, and we hope everyone gets through the storm peacefully.

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