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Court Challenge For Testa’s Redevelopment Project

Testa’s redevelopment project appears to be moving ahead despite protest and concerns of its legality from William Cooley, Anne Pepper, as well as the Neighborhood Alliance of Palm Beach and the Preservation Alliance.

The project, if completed without changes, would involve replacing existing buildings with a new two story, mixed use, complex consisting of six luxury homes on the second floor, outdoor seating, a restaurant and retail space on the ground level, and underground parking.

Mr. Cooley and many others have been opposed to the Testa’s redevelopment project from the beginning due to the variances to town code it requires.

“The general misconception of this case is that Anne Pepper, the Neighborhood Alliance of Palm Beach, The Preservation Alliance of Palm Beach, and I, are opposing development.  That is not the driving force for this case.  We merely want the Town Council to follow the ordinances of Palm Beach” he told us.

Those opposed to the Testa redevelopment project argue that the developer purchased the property with full knowledge of the Town of Palm Beach’s zoning codes and that the project can be completed without being granted the six variances issued by the Town Council. It would, however, require the existing plans to be scaled down which would mean a smaller return on investment for those involved in the project.

Court Challenge For Testa’s Redevelopment Project

“The purpose of our court challenge is to get the three members of the town council, under oath, before a judge, and have them explain how they could legally grant these variances.  There is no explanation, no reason, other than developer greed, and this lawless Town Council played right into the Developers hands” Mr. Cooley added.

“If citizens can’t challenge illegal actions of their Town Council, then why have any citizen participation at all?   Why not just let three lawless council members have their way with anything they like, while the citizens merely stand around like decorations or props?”

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