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April Twelfth Trial Scheduled for Kraft

A Tuesday morning hearing involving the charging of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with soliciting a prostitute resulted in a new court date and little other progress, as first reported by the Palm Beach Daily News.

The hearing, which took place in Circuit Judge Leonard Hanser’s courtroom, lasted twenty minutes. Most of that time was spent selecting a date for a motion filed by two of Kraft’s attorneys, Jack Goldberger and Alex Spiro, which seeks to bar prosecutors from using surveillance video that allegedly shows their client paying for and receiving a sex act at a Jupiter day spa.

There was also discussion regarding scheduling a hearing for a motion filed by various media companies asking to see evidence from the case. 

Hanser scheduled an April 12 court appearance when those matters will be taken up again. Hanser did not make any other rulings.

Goldberger and Spiro declined to speak to reporters after Tuesday’s hearing.

April Twelfth Trial Scheduled for Kraft

Kraft, who lives in Palm Beach part time and did not attend the recent hearing, is one of 25 men slapped with misdemeanor charges after allegedly being caught on surveillance tape paying for sex acts at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter. Police have since alleged that the spa was linked to an international human-trafficking operation. 

The State Attorney’s Office offered to dismiss the charges against Kraft and the others if they would admit that they would be found guilty if their cases went to trial. They also had to agree to hours of community service, taking a class on the dangers of prostitution, receiving a screening for STDs, and paying a fine and court costs.

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According to the state attorney’s office, the defendants have until Friday to take the deal, and it is void if a defendant asks for discovery or if a pretrial hearing is held.

Tuesday’s hearing made Kraft ineligible for the offer. CNN reported on March 20 that Kraft would not take the deal. 

Through Monday, only one of the 25 defendants had accepted the offer. 

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