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Palm Beach Will Not Ban Scooters & Bikes Yet

As reported by the Palm Beach Daily News, rental scooters and bicycles, a recent trend in West Palm Beach as well as other cities around the United States, have come under fire in the Town of Palm Beach and other Florida cities. In October, The Town of Palm Beach imposed a 180-day moratorium on the vehicles until the town could figure out how to regulate them, as first reported by the Palm Beach Daily News.

The moratorium will end on April 9, 2019, and now Town staff is drafting legislation that, if passed, will permanently ban shared scooters and bicycles in the Town. Officials in favor of the ban fear that if allowed, rental scooters will litter streets and sidewalks.

Town Council member Bobbie Lindsay strongly believes that the scooters should be banned in Palm Beach. Lindsay told the council that the scooters cause “such a problem” when she visits her home in Seattle. “You can’t even walk down the sidewalk without sort of navigating through these things,” she said.

The ordinance presented Tuesday would prohibit docking stations for scooters and bicycles, as well as banning all shared bicycles. Shared bicycles left on sidewalks or roads would then be confiscated, explained Zoning Administrator Paul Castro.

Palm Beach Will Not Ban Scooters & Bikes Yet

The problem, Castro said, is that “shared bicycles” aren’t always clearly distinguishable from regular bicycles. This means anyone could ride to the beach, park their bicycle, and come back a few hours later to find it had been confiscated.

Alternate Commissioner Eric Christu said that the ordinance needs to clearly outline what is meant by “shared bicycle.” Alternate member Ronald Berk suggested creating an exception allowing residents to park their bikes without fear of confiscation.

Commissioner Richard Kleid isn’t sure the bicycles should even be banned, suggesting that encouraging bicycling in the Town may have benefits.

“Maybe this is good for businesses…We talk about exercise and that is a good thing, and being green, and that’s a good thing,” Kleid said.

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Commissioner Ken Walker agreed with Kleid, saying that the town should instead be focused on reducing vehicular traffic.

The proposed ban on rental scooters and bicycles will be revised and discussed again next month. At that time a recommendation will be made to the town council.

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