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West Palm Beach Development Affects Palm Beach Life

It is not a surprise that the City of West Palm Beach does not always share the same outlook as the Town of Palm Beach, especially when it comes to progressive developmental changes. Is there anything the Town of Palm Beach can do to prevent these changes? Town Council practices “laissez faire” or hands off approach to voicing their opinions to these developers and the West Palm Beach Commission.

The newest West Palm Beach development is a luxury condominium building named The Bristol, which is set just south of Okeechobee Boulevard and Royal Park Bridge. This part of Flagler Drive is known as the Chapel-by-the-Lake property, which has been in dispute for well over a year now.

In the winter of 2014, the West Palm Beach City Commission approved the new development unanimously, but a lawsuit was set forth by a citizen organization, “Citizens for Thoughtful Growth,” asking for a re-vote. After the 2015 elections, the group had hope that maybe they could reign in this development and stop it from being approved. The lawsuit was dropped, and the developers were given permission to begin the building.

The development of this expansive luxury condominium building will face across the intercostal to Midtown of the Town of Palm Beach. The development boasts 22 stories and will have over 1,000 residential units in the current plan. The talk about The Bristol has many Town of Palm Beach residents nervous over the influx of people from this building.

With Worth Ave only minutes away from the Flagler location, preparing for the increase in island frequenters brings new challenges for the Town. The Town Council cannot control the decisions of another town, but residents still look to the Dias for solutions to prevent disruptions for residents.

The future of downtown West Palm Beach has a hefty impact on the Town of Palm Beach and an influence on the way of life for the residents of the town. The Bristol is still in the early stages of development, but this is just one of the many projects that will affect the Town of Palm Beach.

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