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Town of Palm Beach Firefighter Benefits and Pensions

The firefighters in the Town of Palm Beach work diligently to protect our precious barrier island, but their hard work may go unnoticed if you browse through their benefits. When their pension and benefits were cut in 2011 and then implemented in 2012, there was an enormous feeling of dissension by the dedicated men and women who protect our Town.

Due to lacking benefits and compensation, those hired into the Town of Palm Beach Fire Department have had to either take the minuscule benefits or participate in the State Retirement package. In addition to the removal of the pension and benefits, there were no agreements to be made when it came to unpaid days off. Every public service man and woman knows those days are beyond valuable, due to the intense 22-hour shifts, and non-traditional workweek.

Since the removal of the pension and benefits more than half of the 60 plus public service staff left once cuts were finalized. The cuts only encouraged a majority of the current service men and women to leave for other town’s fire departments. The consistent withdrawal of firefighters has left residents and city officials displeased.

In February of 2014, the Palm Beach Firefighter Association and town officials began contract negotiations; one was a fine for any firefighters leaving within the first three years of being hired.Mark Floyd the union lawyer for the Professional Firefighters/Paramedics Association; explained Palm Beach is the only town where a series of fines and reimbursements would be imposed on an employee leaving. Floyd remarked back in 2014, when the Town proposed these new costs.

This past year, the fire department and IAFF Local 2928 went back to the Palm Beach Town Council to set a process for raises and unpaid days off. The proposal was rejected in February with the town giving a counter proposal, which was yet again not an appropriate offer in their eyes.

The lack of full support from the Town Council and administrators has made the environment for the Town of Palm Beach Firefighters undesirable to work. Until the Town of Palm Beach recognizes the value of these service men and women, the current difficulties will continue.

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