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Town of Palm Beach Architect Officials Want Deadlines Revised

The Architectural Commission decided to post updates of proposed projects online after passing the rule a year ago, and now a new development in the process was discovered regarding the length of time it takes to process and revise plan changes.

In the fall of last year, the project submissions procedure had undergone several changes affecting time limitations on initial submissions, and the process of notifying affected residents. Once plans for a project were granted by the Town of Palm Beach Town Council, the review process by the Town Staff, would take up to 48 hours to update and post online, thus reducing the overall amount of time residents have to review the plans. The new submissions policy was the end-result after a group of concerned residents demanded more time to review projects in their area.

Previously, plan revisions could be submitted up to one week prior to the meeting. In its current state, designers have 15 days to turn in any changes to the Council. The implemented changes were backed by the Ordinance, Rules and Standards Committee.  On Wednesday, the Commission agreed unanimously to recommend a repeal, and revert back to the previously submissions deadline.

Town of Palm Beach Architect Officials Want Deadlines Revised

Commissioner Robert Garrison discussed the trend he has noticed over the past six months, involving insufficient plans submitted by architects and designers. Commissioner Alexander C. Ives added to that by discussing the complaints  he received from the major architectural firms that design most of the projects in Town. According to the Commissioners, in some instances, last minute requests have been made to defer the project. Garrison stated, “…it’s not possible for them to spend the quality time that they need to spend.”

“I think a compromise is needed,” Council Member Araskog stated. Adding, “What is needed is a balance between the neighbors who want to see the revisions and the architects and the residents who want to build a home and live in it. They all have rights.”

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According to John Lindgen, Planning Administrator, no official complaints have been filed with his office regarding changes in the allotted time frame; believing it is because the architects and designers are being allowed more time to work on the projects. Lindgen stated, “I don’t know if that’s because they don’t have a problem with it or they just don’t want to rock the boat by making complaints.”

Planning, Zoning and Builder Director John Page, mentioned he will state the Architectural Commission’s position to the Council in September.

No residents or architects were in attendance on Wednesday.

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