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Stair Construction Update for Memorial Park

With the Town Square revitalization project already in motion, the Town of Palm Beach Council members have decided to wait on the idea of potentially constructing stairs on the southern side of Memorial Park, at least for the time being.

The revitalization project, which has been in its last phase as of this May, will be putting all of its focus on things such as improving the surrounding storm drains as well as the sidewalks around the Town Square until November, when the project is expected to be completed. Though the Town council members seemed to agree that the addition of the stairs was a good idea, they did not think it was the right time to do so due to concerns of what the effects of additional construction could be to the residents and local businesses in the Town of Palm Beach.

The conversation that the council had about the stairs could be summed up by Councilwoman Danielle Moore when she stated “I’ve always been in favor of the stairs but my concern is for the merchants in Town Square. It’s going to be difficult for them to make it through another season with construction. They’re already struggling.”

Though delaying the addition of the stairs is being done in the interest of keeping the residents of the town happy, doing so might end up costing the Town of Palm Beach and its residents a lot more money.

Stair Construction Update for Memorial Park

This is due to the fact that the price of the stairs’ construction has been steadily going up; starting at a $400,000 estimate in 2014 and costing an estimated amount of $450,000 if construction begins around the middle of November, according to Public Works Director Paul Brazil.

Councilman Richard Kleid suggested to “conceptually approve adding the stairs but with conditions”, the first being that the state give the town a grant, the second that the Centennial Commission raises sufficient funds so taxpayers are not burdened, and the final one being that it wouldn’t diminish green space and trigger a referendum.

The issue stair construction for Memorial Park will be addressed further down the road with Councilman Pucillo suggesting that they should wait until after the current construction is completed before making a decision.


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