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Regulations Against Hammocks in the Town of Palm Beach

Hammocks seem to be quite the trend this summer across the country and even in the Town of Palm Beach. These outdoor beds used to be thought of as a luxury for the wealthy. However, with the release of many cheaper models, they have since become accessible to all outdoor enthusiasts. Organizations dedicated to hammock camping have now found a new place to do their relaxing—on South Florida beaches.

Recently, the Town of Palm Beach has been receiving many complaints from residents who witness other people tying their hammocks between public palm trees. The majority of the critics have seen a large number of hammocks on Midtown Beach, even noticing several hammocks hanging together between two adjacent trees. The outdoor loungers have also been spotted along South Ocean beach in the southern part of Palm Beach.

Local environmentalists are now concerned with the weight of the hammocks on the trees. As the ropes pull down the palm trees, they cause the trunks to become damaged and potentially inhibit the them from bearing coconuts. While shady palm trees seem optimal for hammocks, they are not strong enough by nature. Unfortunately, there are no restrictions in the town’s codes for hammocks used on public property.

Officials of Palm Beach have recommended that the Town Council consider adopting an ordinance prohibiting hammocks from taking up space and potentially damaging public property. In recent years, other local towns have adopted a variety of codes and ordinances to protect their natural vegetation. Many include the prohibition of sleeping in hammocks on the public beaches.

The issue of hammocks in the Town of Palm Beach could be a contentious topic in future Town Council discussions. It is also expected that many of the recent complaints from members of the community will reach the Town Manager’s desk. Until then, it is completely legal for beach bums to take naps and relax between Palm Beach’s public palm trees.

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