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Privacy Is a Luxury On Palm Beach Island

Privacy is a luxury on Palm Beach Island that many Floridians from other towns might take for granted. The ability to go to the grocery store, take a walk in the park, or even simply spend time with family outside of the home, relatively, undisturbed is not a convenience that the rich and famous can afford.

With just a quick search on the web, you can find countless examples of celebrities being filmed, approached, or having their pictures taken while they are attempting to do seemingly everyday things. That kind of attention can easily wear a person down over time, so it should come to us as no surprise that those in the public eye are constantly searching for new ways in which they can enjoy their precious and very limited privacy.

One new way that the rich and famous have been trying to isolate themselves from this increasingly interconnected world, where almost anything can be found with a search on google, is by purchasing their personal homes under the protection of LLCs.

Examples of celebs buying homes under the cover of investment vehicles is rampant in cities such as New York, where Jennifer Aniston bought her home under the Norman’s Nest Fund which was named after her dog at the time, but could the same thing happen in the Town of Palm Beach?

The answer is yes, in fact, it might already be happening in your neighborhood right now.  

Privacy Is a Luxury On Palm Beach Island

A recent example would be the home on 17 Golfview Road, locally known as Hogarcito, which was bought by not one but two separate LLCs on the same week in July of this year. The person who bought the extravagant home under the LLC, who still remains unnamed, went on to also purchase another property on Sea Breeze Ave.

Though reasons why the wealthy or publicized would want to purchase property using an LLC might vary, privacy is a very big and underrated one. Many celebrities, such as Town of Palm Beach locals Howard Stern and conservative pundit Ann Coulter, have their own stories where an invasion of their privacy has left them fearing for their lives (with Stern having to take a stalker to court and Coulter removing her Palm Beach address from public records after being harassed at home).

With the Town of Palm Beach being a magnet for the wealthy and privacy quickly becoming the top priority on their minds, getting to know your neighbor on the island might soon become a thing of the past. 

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