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Kraft’s Arraignment Scheduled

Robert Kraft’s lawyer said that Kraft, owner of the NFL’s New England Patriots, will not appear at the hearing on two counts of soliciting a prostitute at a Jupiter day spa, as first reported by the Palm Beach Daily News.

The prostitution case against Kraft is scheduled for an arraignment March 28, court records show. A notice filed Wednesday said that “the defendant must be present at this hearing,” but Kraft’s attorney Jack Goldberger said that language is “boilerplate” on notices to appear.

“The lawyer appears for the defendant in a misdemeanor case,” Goldberger explained in an email. “The defendant does not appear.”

Kraft’s Arraignment Scheduled

On a phone call Thursday morning. Goldberger maintained his client’s innocence.

Kraft, who is 77 years old and lives in Palm Beach part time, has through a spokesperson adamantly denied the allegations that he paid for sex acts twice at a Jupiter day spa. He has formally entered a plea of not guilty in one of the two cases against him according to court records.

Kraft is among 25 men that are facing charges as a part of an extended police investigation into Jupiter’s Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Police allege that the spa was part of an international human-trafficking and prostitution ring and say they have video of Kraft and the other 24 men paying the women at the spa to perform sex acts between Jan. 18 and Jan. 22.

Kraft is said to have visited the spa Jan. 19 and Jan. 20, shortly before he flew to Kansas City to watch his Patriots compete in the AFC Championship game.

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Kraft and the other men facing charges will likely avoid jail time, although they face up to a year in custody.

Instead, they will probably end up doing community service and taking the Prostitution Impact Prevention Education class, PIPE for short, which aims to scare those soliciting prostitutes by educating them on the violence, drugs and diseases that are rampant within the illicit sex business, according to program founder Gail Levine.

Kraft’s arraignment is to be help at the North County Courthouse in Palm Beach Gardens on March 28.

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