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Pre-auction Reception in The Town of Palm Beach

Just in time for residents to head up north, local residents Eileen and Brian Burns opened their home to auction off their prized collection of Irish artwork, according to Palm Beach Daily News.  

“An Irish Farewell” was the art theme hosted in the Phipps Estate home, which is the Burns’ household. The Burns family has roots in Ireland, this collection was important to the couple. The art was purchased by Sotheby’s, it will later go to a London showroom to be sold there.

Some things offered at this luxurious auction was a bass guitar signed by Paul McCartney, a trip to Paris with hotel reservation at the Ritz, and a trip to Acapulco.

However, some events at the reception itself were all but luxurious. Bob Kraft, who is the owner of the New England Patriots, saved a guests life at the event when a man had become ill. The man suffered a seizure. Kraft notified security at the event and the man made a full recovery.

Pre-auction Reception in The Town of Palm Beach

This event was marked as a “goodbye” event. We are now entering the winter months and going into the hot summer months. Most residents go to their other respected homes in the north during these grueling summer days.

The Burns couple purchased the Phipps Estate home in 1999. It offers a space to showcase art. On May 17th, it was reported the couple wanted to downsize and sell their beautiful home where the art collection was shown. The house was being marketed for about $10 million dollars.

The Burns family has also been featured in the news recently. Specifically, Brian Burns, in regards to the current political climate.

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During December,  Palm Beach Daily News had reported that he was considered to be to be the future ambassador to Ireland from the United States. It was later reported he had never landed the gig. Burns is the grandson of immigrants from Ireland.


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