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Parking Lot Pitch Shot Down By Palm Beach Residents

A recent proposal to add parking to the 100 block of Royal Palm Way as a way to help relieve parking congestion in the Town was shot down by Palm Beach residents. Attorney, Maura Ziska had sent a letter to the zoning committee of Palm Beach claiming more parking would be “beneficial” according to Palm Beach Daily News.

Feedback regarding adding more parking was mostly negative as many residents expressed it could create disruptions due to traffic where they lived.

Some residents believed this was a way to pave the proposal for the Carriage House project, which Ziska was involved with, prior. This vote on the proposal was delayed back in January.  

Many residents in the area opposed this, as they believed it would disrupt their daily lives. This proposal came during the time of the summer, when many residents are not in the area. A resident by the name of Ann Jackson called Ziska actions “suspicious”  according to Palm Beach Daily News as this is during the start of the Summer, when many residents of the area are not around.

The bill for new parking, due to negative feedback, was withdrawn. However, it is possible it can be pitched again at another time.

The Carriage House project originally was a pitch by Town of Palm Beach resident and real estate investor, Michael Bickford and was introduced at an August 9th, 2017 Palm Beach Town Council meeting by Ziska. This was done on behalf of the company, Carriage House Properties Partners LLC.

Parking Lot Pitch Shot Down By Palm Beach Residents

The Carriage House proposal was withdrawn in February as many residents did not want this project built. Various letters sent to the Palm Beach city council opposing this proposal. One reason cited by residents was parking in residential areas, even with the proposed valet system for this project.

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The pitch for the Carriage House proposal would have brought a restaurant and several amenities to this historical location through this house proposal project.

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  1. […] Related>>> Parking Lot Pitch Shot Down by Palm Beach Residents […]

  2. […] Related >>> Parking Lot Pitch Shot Down by Palm Beach Residents  […]

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