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Town of Palm Beach Actively Responding to Retiree Pension Shortage
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The Town of Palm Beach is actively responding to the retiree pension shortage by committing to spending $5.4 million annually for the next twenty-five years. The under-funded program is a direct-result of slow returns on the investments of pension funds, and the pressure is mounting with passing time. If it

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Have $95,000 a Month To Rent Dr. Oz Palm Beach House?
Town of Palm Beach Real Estate

Do you have $95,000 a month to rent Dr. Oz Palm Beach House? Well with the Town winter season fast-approaching, vacation rentals are up for grabs on the island of Palm Beach. From town-homes to mansions, nearly 200 properties will be listed for lease this coming season. Two of the

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Town of Palm Beach Construction and Traffic 7/18/2016
Town of Palm Beach NewsTown of Palm Beach Politics

At the Wednesday Town Council meeting, the variance requests made by T3 Family Investments representing the Testa redevelopment were approved by a 3-2 vote. Town of Palm Beach Council Members who voted against the parking variances were Robert Wildrick and Penny Townsend. The development of the Testa property has been

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The Town of Palm Beach is rich in a variety of sea creatures, and the sea turtle is a one of the our cherished and consistently endangered beach-nesting animals. A sea turtle has a normal nesting and hatching season that lasts from March to late October and one that uses

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Town of Palm Beach Politics

For over a hundred years, the Town Caucus has prevailed as a tradition for electing the Town of Palm Beach leaders. Could this treasured ritual be in danger? Town Clerk, Susan Owens has said no in past Town Council meetings, but big changes are possibly lingering. The upcoming presidential elections

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Town of Palm Beach News

It is no secret that the State of Florida and the Government are after the prized waterways of the Town of Palm Beach. In 2014, the Palm Beach Town Council hired several intermediary partners to defend the proposed plan to expand and widen the Inlet located at the North End

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