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How Much Will President Trump's Visits Cost Palm Beach
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President Trump’s frequent visits to his Winter White House in Palm Beach County is creating an immense strain on taxpayer’s wallets. When President Trump comes to Palm Beach many resources need to be pulled together for the presidential visit to go smoothly. To protect both the President and the Palm

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The Palm Beach Handelsman Empire Divided
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After being married for nearly seven decades, the thought of divorce would seem unimaginable to many. However, for Lucille Handlesman and her husband of 67 years, Burt Handlesman, the unimaginable is now a reality. Prior to Lucille Handlesman filing for divorce, it is safe to say that along with her

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South Florida is known for the eclectic animal kingdom we often have outside our doors. Weston has alligators, Boca Raton had iguanas and lizards, but the Town of Palm Beach has something else: cats. The origin of the cat population on the Island is speculated as generations of abandoned domestic

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