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Families Belong Together Rally by Mar-A-Lago

June 30 rallies across the State of Florida were held for “Families Belong Together” in light of the recent news surrounding immigration, family separation, and the Trump presidency.

One specific rally was held in West Palm Beach, a march where people walked from Flagler Dr. to Mar-A-Lago, where President Trump spends his vacation time. According to Palm Beach Daily News, 400 people attended this rally. 700 marches were held for “Families Belong Together,” on June 30.

More notably, on Capitol Hill, women held a similar rally which ended with about 500 arrested, according to Vox. The Women’s March organized this rally, which was aimed at abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or “ICE” which has made recent headlines.

Among one of these women arrested, actress Susan Sarandon was arrested with the 500 people who were present at the event. Other rallies in Florida included Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami and many more.

Due to the rally on June 30, in Palm Beach and construction on the bridge on S Ocean Ave, protesters had to walk 40 people at a time and traffic delays occurred, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

Families Belong Together Rally by Mar-A-Lago

Key speakers at this event were State Representative, Lois Frankel as well as West Palm Beach Mayor, Jeri Muoio. Both of the speakers marched with the protesters.

The goal of these rallies is to raise awareness of children being separated from their parents when crossing the Southern border to come into the United States. Many of this came to light when it news broke that 1,500 children “had gone missing.”

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One of the goals of Families Belong Together is for the Trump administration is to end the “zero tolerance policy” enacted in this current climate. One of the key groups organizing “Families Belong Together” is American Civil Liberties Union, otherwise known as ACLU according to CNN.

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