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Town of Palm Beach Names Employee of the Year

November’s monthly breakfast meeting held by the Chamber of Commerce became an inspiring, ceremonial event, acknowledging and appreciating the men and women of service for the Town of Palm Beach; most notably Employee of the Year Award.

The gathering, with well over 500 in attendance, took place earlier in November, where Facilities and Manager Brett Madison, an 18-year veteran employee of the Town of Palm Beach, was presented by Mayor Gail Coniglio as the Employee of the Year. An award that, for the past 40 years, is attached to a $3,500 gratuitous handshake as an additional thanks for service excellence.

In front of an audience of Town officials, employees and past award the recipients, the Mayor affectionately referred to Madison as, “our favorite facilities manager,” and announced that he would be joining the ranks of “Town Elite.” In view of the fact that part of Madison’s recognition includes a photo in the Employee Hall of Fame located at Town Hall.

Hilarity ensued as Mayor Coniglio followed-up the award presentation, with a toy tool set for Madison—a play on the award recipient’s current position as Maintenance Manager, a job he has held for the past 5 years after receiving a promotion from Electrician. Madison charges the departments responsible for servicing facilities and grounds-keeping for the Town. 

Town of Palm Beach Names Employee of the Year

Madison, seemingly overwhelmed by the honor, showed gratitude toward his colleagues and mentors, giving thanks to Paul Brazil, Public Works Director and “the best boss in the world,” and a special, “Thank you to Steve Kartrude for calling me and saying, ‘Please apply for that job’.” According to Madison, it was Kartrude, a retired Town employee, whom he credits for helping him get the promotion.

Eric Brown, Assistant Director of Public Works submitted his nomination for Employee of the Year, stating that Madison demonstrates, “excellent management and leadership skills to accomplish an extremely high level of service, in a very cost effective and efficient manner, with a relatively small in-house staff and while managing extensive contracted services.”

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As Facilities Manager, Madison’s responsibilities include capital projects, preparing budgets, reports and a host of other requests that fall under the maintenance, repair and service umbrella; planned or unexpected. Additionally, Madison’s expertise role as in the recent Bradley Park improvements and the restoration of Memorial Park, has been instrumental as well.

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