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Town of Palm Beach Delays in Reach 8 for South End Sand

Town of Palm Beach Delays in Reach 8 for South End Sand.

The next era for sand renourishment is scheduled for the Town of Palm Beach is in the South End, also known as Reach 8  Before the construction and dredging process can begin the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requested an environmental impact study prior work could begin.

Many Town of Palm Beach Town Council members were frustrated by this request, considering before any coastline work began, hundreds of thousands of dollars were used for various environmental impact studies. Once the study is conducted by the agency requested by the U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers before the permits required by the State and Federal agencies can be obtained.

In April, the Town of Palm Beach had voted to approve a coastline study to begin work on Reach 8. The Town Council had given the go ahead to fund the additional environmental impact study, but in June nothing had been completed.

Palm Beach County has refused to pay for their portion of the environmental studies needed to receive proper permission to begin dredging. Their $171,000 share has not been added because they are fearful to repeat work that they already have done. This is the same concern the Town Council originally had when they were told of this requirement in April.

Public Works has been in contact with County officials, that they want to discuss the boundaries of Reach 8, seeing as they conducted one already for Reach 9. Their concern is valid; it has now put a wrench in the plans for the residents of Palm Beach, specifically the ones that live in the South End of the Island.

According to Public Works, another sand re-nourishment reach has been already set back, so the projected timeline is months behind. Therefore most parties involved are the least concerned about the timeliness and more concerned with the efficiency of funds. Monetary disagreements between the County and Town have put everything on hold.

The summer season causes a slowdown in Municipal and County work, extending the delay in environmental impact study necessary to begin sand nourishment. The waiting game will have to be played while the funds designation is sorted out.

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