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The Scout Guide Palm Beach

Last month, 2016’s The Scout Guide Palm Beach edition was published. Not surprisingly, The Guide featured 11 island businesses.

The Scout Guide was originally published back in 2010 as a means to let people in over 60 cities all over the United States know about local, must-see businesses. The editors describe the publication as a “publication dedicated to living beautifully, living well, and living like an insider—wherever you are.” Their goal is to, “connect you [visitors and locals] with inspiration, as well as with makers and experts who can help you enhance your life, elevate your surroundings, and enjoy your community to the fullest.”

This is the fourth year that TSG has had The Scout Guide Palm Beach volume. Managing editor and Palm Beach resident Mary Monell chooses businesses that are distinctive and encompass the exquisite and unique Palm Beach qualities. A prime example, being Mildred Hoit. Mary Gushèe, president and owner of Mildred Hoit, told us “We have been in business for over 50 years in Palm Beach. We know what our customers like, and we try to give them great personal service and new things to choose from every time they visit! Many of our lines are exclusive, and one is even designed and sold under our own label.  We have parking all around the shop located across the street from Publix on Sunrise Avenue. Our gift wrapping is unique, immediately identifiable, and just one more special feature of our many services and products.”

The Scout Guide Palm Beach

Readers of TSG are not the only people who benefit from the publication, though. Business owners benefit from the publicity as well. Gushèe also told us that “The Scout Guide Palm Beach is a vehicle for promoting our shop because of its distribution and also its ‘curb appeal’. Customers and visitors seem delighted when we offer them a copy of the beautiful Scout Guide.”

The 11 Palm Beach Island businesses listed in the “best of local” section were Acento, Blue Provence, Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design, Gentlemen’s Corner, Mildred Hoit, Stationer on Sunrise, Tamara Comolli, Steven Stone, Pastel, p.b. Girls Club and p.b. Boys Club, and Wally Findlay Galleries.

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