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The Cats of Palm Beach Island

South Florida is known for the eclectic animal kingdom we often have outside our doors. Weston has alligators, Boca Raton had iguanas and lizards, but the Town of Palm Beach has something else: cats.

The origin of the cat population on the Island is speculated as generations of abandoned domestic cats reproducing. These once domestic cats of Palm Beach became feral and infiltrated various parts of Palm Beach Island. After a tremendous outcry from the residents of Palm Beach, a coalition was founded: Palm Beach Cats.

This group has discovered innovative humanitarian ways to rectify and condense the cats of Palm Beach population and keep them off the avenues of of our Town streets. They have partnered with local shelters, which will often take the newly born kittens of feral cats and find a fitting home. For the cats that continue to run free on the island, they are all safely tracked through pet microchipping. These technologies have assisted the Palm Beach Cats in tracking each cat or groups known as “cat colonies” by the organization. Every cat of Palm Beach is vaccinated with the proper shots and neutered as to not continue a growth.

In the past six years, Palm Beach Cats President, David Leavitt and the team of volunteers has been able to take the population from a 1000 feral cats, to around 550 and shrinking. With more adoptions and fewer litters of kittens, the feral cat population has become managed to the Town’s great pleasure.

Palm Beach Cats runs primarily on charity funds. In addition to several community partners, they rely completely on the philanthropic funds of the Town to cover the medical and feeding costs for the cats.

Residents of Palm Beach Island could not be more thrilled with the efforts of Palm Beach Cats in preserving the serenity of Palm Beach. It is remarkable to see the unity for this wonderful and beneficial cause. Not just the community, but the cats of Palm Beach.

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