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Renovations Coming to Palm Beach Town Hall Square

Heading South on County Road in the Town of Palm Beach, you pass by the boutiques and fine dining on your way to Worth Avenue, but in the center of town, the Palm Beach Town Hall and Town Hall Square really stand out. The Town of Palm Beach Town Hall is one of the prettiest Town Hall structures in Southeast Florida. It sits on Town Hall Square which divides County Road providing an elegant introduction to City Hall.

The decadent fountains and reflecting pools have been a landmark and a photo opportunity in the Town of Palm Beach for decades. Most residents would agree that Town Hall Square could improve, by making it pedestrian friendly and restoring the Memorial Park & Fountain, which was erected in 1929 by architect Addison Mizner. Improvement plans have actually been in the works since 2013 when the approval process began.

Since the restorations were approved, it has been a pull and tug between the Centennial Commission and the Palm Beach Town Council when it comes to who would be funding the immense project. Ultimately it came down to splitting the cost; the Centennial Commission would have to raise 1-2 million dollars in private donations.

The total costs are still not concise yet, with 1.2 million already set forth on the renovations that began in January. This past week, the head of the Centennial Commission, Bill Bone, presented a report to the Town Council pertaining to how much money they have raised so far.

Many community groups have assisted the Centennial Commission. The Garden Club, and Palm Beach Civic Association have all pledged upwards of $10,000. The renovations are uniting many residents. Bone reports they have raised around a half a million dollars.

It may be a while until all donations can reach the required share by the Town of Palm Beach, but Bone is hopeful that the million dollars will be raised by the end of June. The revitalization of Town Hall Square and Memorial Park will continue with construction through the off-season.

The Centennial Commission along with the community supporters believe the project will be completed in a little over a year with continued support from the community and the Town Council.

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