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New Town of Palm Beach Historic District Gains Recognition

The Town of Palm Beach houses many monuments and areas that hold deep historic meaning to the Town’s history. Long ago, the Landmarks Preservation Commission was formed to develop guidelines in order to preserve and protect these wonderful places.

It is a long process and in addition to the commission; there is also the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach that oversees the process of becoming a historic landmark, in addition to proposing possible properties for historic status.

This past week the Town Council of Palm Beach approved the neighborhood of Regents Park as a Palm Beach historic district. The district lies south of the Bath and Tennis Club on Ocean Avenue and near Southern Boulevard.

Regents Park began looking for recognition in September of 2014 and have provided sufficient evidence and support in becoming a historic district. Rarely are entire neighborhoods considered; usually it is single property proposals that are approved.

It is the seventh historic district in the Town of Palm Beach and the first recognized in twenty-five years.  Regents Park was constructed in the late 50’s by a lesser-known architect, Clarence Mack, who lived in Regents Park for 20 years. The homes contain classic elegance, with detailed moldings and unique arches that give each home within Regents Park a sophisticated comfort.

President of the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, Alexander Ives stated the great importance of Regents Square being recognized. “It means that after 25 years without any new ones, districts can and are still applicable and valuable.  It shows that not just styles of the pre-war era, such as Mediterranean Revival, are worthy of consideration.”

Bringing a new district into the ranks further protects the history and grace that the Town of Palm Beach possesses.  As Ives believes, “Evolution and change are a natural part of life. By preserving these districts and properties we not only honor those great talents that came before us, we manage the course of evolution and change that naturally comes to our community.”

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