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Palm Beach Couple Find Brick of Cocaine on Beach

On April 2, after enjoying dinner at the Flager Steakhouse, Anderson Ohman said he and his girlfriend decided to walk back to their home in Palm Beach, as first reported by the Palm Beach Daily News

The couple walked barefoot on the beach near Atlantic Avenue and North Ocean Boulevard, something Ohman says they rarely do.

Ohman struck something with his foot and picked it up. It was a 4-by-8 inch rectangular package. Ohman said the Saran wrap caught his eye in the moonlight.

“It was so curious, and I kept poking it to see what it was because it was that dark,” he said. “I was making sure it was not a dead animal or something.”

Ohman took the package home and looked at it in the full light. There, he could see that it was solid, wrapped in electrical tape and then covered in plastic wrap. The corner was torn and Ohman could see a white, brick-shaped object inside. 

Palm Beach Couple Find Brick of Cocaine on Beach

That is when Ohman realized what the strange package he had found on the beach was: cocaine.

“I just watched a Netflix documentary called [The Legend of] Cocaine Island,” Ohman says of why he assumed that was what the brick was made of.

Ohman said he and his girlfriend, Rachelle Mueller immediately knew they had to call the police, and did so right away. 

Police records show that the package was in fact cocaine. Although the surrounding area was searched, no other packages were found. 

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“We were laughing and we were in shock,” Ohman said of he and his girlfriend’s reaction to their interesting evening. “The cops were really thankful that we called them right away. They thanked me for being responsible.”

Ohman said he has lived in Palm Beach for nine years and never seen anything like this. 

“It’s not every day you go out for a stroll on the beach and find a brick of cocaine,” he said.

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