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Memorial Park Plans Approved for Town of Palm Beach

The Town of Palm Beach Landmarks Preservation Commission has officially and finally approved the final design plans for Memorial Park’s second stage of construction. They were able to hammer out the miniscule details to create a renewed plan for Memorial Park.

Most Town of Palm Beach residents have seen the restoration of the majestic fountain and the tarp-lined fence surrounding Memorial Park. The unanimous approval came with a few stipulations. The Commission could choose to replace the tables and chairs set for usage in the South End of the park if they are opposed to the ascetic.

On-site design inspections will be attempting to alter the parking that surround various parts of the Park and Town of Palm Beach Town Hall.  Currently, there are parallel parking spots on the East and West side of Town Hall. The Landmarks Preservation Commission would like to add a few more if feasible with the landscaping alterations to the park.

Public Works Director Paul Brazil had to clarify issue residents were wary of at the commission meeting. One resident brought up the concept that there might be a problem of “too many” people utilizing the tables and chairs in the park.  Brazil’s fear would be the increased usage of seating in the park would cause re-occurring costs for wear or replacement of the outdoor furniture.

The stipulation for quality assurance in the approval is a preventative measure to assure that the tables and chairs will not cause a huge maintenance cost annually.

The many residents and officials who have had relentless support in the renovations of Memorial Park are elated with this final approval. The Landmarks Preservation Commission will continue to keep a close eye on the details of Memorial Park as it begins the second stage of renovations soon.

The Town of Palm Beach has planned an unveiling ceremony in early 2016 for the revitalized Palm Beach Landmark.  Memorial Park Plans Approved for Town of Palm Beach.

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