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Medical Marijuana in the Town of Palm Beach

This November, the residents of the Town of Palm Beach will have yet another important and controversial issue to make a decision on: Medical Marijuana.

It seems there will no shortage of topics to debate around the dinner table this thanksgiving; what with the Presidential election, whether or not mooring off of the coast of Palm Beach will be a good thing for the town, and now, the topic of allowing medical marijuana in the town of Palm Beach.

The issue, which was decided by our very own Florida Supreme Court to be added to the ballot during the presidential election only last December, is being taken very seriously by the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission, who have taken it upon themselves to work on an ordinance which would heavily restrict or otherwise outright ban medical marijuana on the island.

“We have no idea whether the state law is going to change to allow for medical marijuana or not, and if so… [we don’t know] what is going to be in that legislation” said Paul Castro, the town’s Zoning Administrator, at last Tuesday’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. “We need to address it before there is legislation so that, if possible, what we adopt can be grandfathered” he added.

Though this preemptive attempt to constrict medical marijuana might seem like the officials involved are leaning towards being fully opposed to the substance being available within the town of Palm Beach, it could just be that they would prefer to err on the side of caution in an attempt to preserve the town they work for.

Medical Marijuana in the Town of Palm Beach

Some of the ways in which Castro has mentioned that the town could control medical marijuana include: limiting where the dispensaries are located (prohibiting them from being too close to areas where there are kids, such as parks and schools) and what they can sell (such as banning them from selling alcohol and narcotics).

They could even restrict the dispensaries’ hours of operation as well as the amount of signs or advertisements allowed in the Town of Palm Beach.

As the committee moves forward with drafting an ordinance, which should be ready by the September 20th meeting, it is important for the residents to note that if state law passes, the town can only be more restrictive, not less.

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