Junior Assembly Palm Beach Celebrates 67th Season

The Junior League of Palm Beach was established in 1941 as a service organization. Due to its significant role in the Town of Palm Beach and surrounding communities, it has become a legacy.

Over the past seventy-four years, the Junior League of Palm Beach has established many programs in community service, such as mentoring sessions with young women in juvenile detentions,  and hosting several philanthropic fundraisers, such as Worth Tasting on Worth Avenue.

Cotillion is the Junior League’s oldest program for sixth to ninth grade students who are taught social manners and contemporary etiquette, polite conversation, confidence, and poise through dance instruction. The Junior Assembly is a pre-junior society program for children in school ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade.  The Junior Assembly has been molding younger generations of Palm Beach for 67 seasons, and this year, in partnership with the Junior League Cotillion, the two organizations have combined to offer young students an experience that will have a lasting impact.

The participating students attend special dances and events exclusively for the Junior Assembly, where they receive hands-on lessons of social skills and interaction. At the end of each season, the members of the Junior Assembly put their training to the test at a formal adult dinner and dance. Every junior member invites their friends and family to support them in their efforts as they establish themselves as future members of society.

The last event of this past season was held at the Mar-a-Lago Club on April 8th. The Junior Assembly coaches and teachers kept a close eye on each of the children, who excelled past the expectations that had been set forth for them.  It was a wonderful evening for the children and their parents. Yet another successful season of grooming the next generation for success has passed, and it is exciting to see what the future holds for this organization.

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