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Increase in Golf Dock and Tennis Fees in Town of Palm Beach

There might be an increase in golf, dock and tennis fees for next season. The rates at Par 3 Golf Course, Town of Palm Beach Docks and tennis facilities will go up – on Wednesday, the changes were approved during the Recreation Advisory Commission’s monthly meeting, and the final approval will be that of Town Council.

According to Recreation Director Beth Zickar, the increase would be minimal – 5 percent for the dock fees for annual, season and transient leases, a $2.50 increase to the price of riding carts for non-residents at the golf course as well as an increase of the price of annual passes for non-residents, and a slight increase of the price of 12-play passes when it comes to tennis.

For the marina that is almost always at full capacity and often has a wait list, this would mean an increase of the price that currently ranges from $1.05 to $3.66 per foot depending on the length of lease, size of the boat, and the time of year, to $1.10 to $3.84 per foot. It has the potential of increasing revenue by $170,000, according to Zickar.

As for golf, it’s likely to get more expensive for non-residents. The price of riding carts currently ranges from $8 to $15, depending on time of year and number of holes, and with the proposed $2.50 increase the price would range from $10.50 to $17.50, which could potentially increase revenues by $50,000 a year. The proposed hike to annual passes for non-residents from $1,750 to $2,250 for singles, $2,400 to $2,650 for doubles, and $900 to $1,000 for juniors could potentially bring an additional $1,700.

Increase in Golf Dock and Tennis Fees in Town of Palm Beach

The latter does not look like much, and a question has been asked if it were really necessary, but according to Zickar, it would not only help differentiate between resident and non-resident rates, but also help with offsetting the rising costs of staff and commodities. According to Golf Manager Tony Chateauvert, the proposed fees are close to pushing the limit of what people are prepared to pay, and $70 for a round of golf and a cart would make people feel ripped off.

Tennis fees will also see changes – resident adult rates will increase from $80 to $96, resident juniors from $40 to $48, non-resident adults from $125 to $150, and non-resident juniors from $50 to $60. Also recommended by the board is to change the policy from “buy 10 get 12” to “buy 12 get 13”. This change could bring in an additional $6,700 in revenue.

Also suggested was the addition of three-month and six-month tennis passes to complement the 12-play pass that the Town of Palm Beach already offers, which many people would find appealing. Zickar promised that the staff will look into that idea.

During the last budget cycle from October 2015 to September 2016, the recreation department saw a 4.4 percent increase in profit from the previous cycle, bringing in a profit of $2.5 million.

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