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DDG Donates Sand to the Town of Palm Beach

Developers working on constructing new luxury condos, which are being built on the southern end of Palm Beach, chose to help the town of Palm Beach with a concern that has plagued the island and its residents for decades: coastal erosion.

Coastal erosion is a serious problem which is caused by a multitude of factors, including the ocean’s waves simply washing the sand away, and that can cause an even greater amount of problems for the town of Palm Beach; one of the most predominant ones being the high risk of irreversible property damage.

In a generous effort to help the coastal town with its erosion issue, the developers, of the new condos (which will be replacing the Hawaiian Ocean Inn located at 3555 South Ocean Blvd), DDG, have decided to donate a sizable amount of sand to the town of Palm Beach. The donated sand will come from the result of the excavation of a little over six thousand cubic yards on their property, which will need to be done by DDG in order to build the new luxury condominiums.

DDG Donates Sand to the Town of Palm Beach

Though it might not seem like a large amount of sand in the long run, considering the fact that almost a million cubic yards were needed to restore the island’s coastline a few years ago, Coastal Coordinator Rob Weber states that the island’s beaches are doing well compared to earlier years. “We’re on a better pace than we’ve been for quite some time… the beaches are in great shape” he says.  

Palm Beach Town Officials are grateful to DDG for their charitable contribution, especially since it will not cost the town of Palm Beach any extra money. They have decided to relocate the sand to a small dune, a project that will begin sometime in November and take no longer than a couple of weeks to finish.

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