Carriage House Regulations Revised

On Tuesday, the Palm Beach Town Council revised a few of the regulations for the Carriage House private club, which will open at 264 and 270 S. County Road, as first reported by the Palm Beach Daily News.

The council acted in response to neighbors of the club that still had concerns even after the Town Council created a list of more than 30 regulations for the Carriage House to follow.

One of the revisions was the addition of a more precise definition of “closing time” as the point at which patrons must exit this establishment. Closing time for the club will be 12 a.m Sunday though Wednesday and 12:30 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Neighbors were worried that patrons would be allowed to linger up to a half-hour after the end of operating hours, but the new revision ensures that they will not. 

Carriage House Regulations Revised

Another revision states that there will be no use of the second floor at 270 S. County Road except for “storage, office, or residential use.” Neighbors wanted to ensure that the space, which is now a residential apartment, could never be used as a part of the club.

The council also removed language that would have allowed the club to hold occasional, town-permitted events at nearby Phipps Plaza Council because neighbors expressed concerns about noise.

The lawyer representing Carriage House, Maura Ziska, argued that the club should have the same ability to hold events in the park as anyone else who applies for a town permit to hold an event there.

Councilwoman Margaret Zeidman responded that Phipps Plaza Park differs from other town parks because it is unusually close to homes. There was some discussion about banning special events in the park altogether. 

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 Ziska requested a change pertaining to the club’s valet stand and parking plan. The council added language in response to Ziska’s request to allow the council to, if necessary, extend the time given to club to find a new valet stand should they lose access to their current stand. 

The council gave the Carriage House permission to operate in the residential area last month after months of debate and opposition from residents. The 31 operating conditions were intended to keep traffic, parking, and noise resulting from the club under control. 

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