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Bond… Brazilian Bond at Brazilian Court Hotel on Palm Beach?

What if you had the opportunity to live the James Bond lifestyle?

Well, local 007 lovers, look no further than the Brazilian Court Hotel on The Town Palm Beach. The hotel is offering a package for guests that is modeled after the James Bond lifestyle. Their package includes everything that makes living a Bond life so desirable from the cars, to the beverages, to the apparel.

Brazilian Court Hotel on Palm Beach

In regards to the inspiration behind this idea, Ashley Kerwin from the Brazilian Court Hotel on Palm Beach Island says that the hotel staff, “created this package in anticipation of the 24th installment of the James Bond series, Spectre, and wanted to provide guests a chance the live the ‘Bond’ lifestyle.” She went on to say, “We can’t think of a better place than The Brazilian Court Hotel — with its lush gardens, history of hosting the most elite guests, and its private, exclusive location.”

The “Brazilian Bond” package, which is available now until December 31st, is nothing short of glamorous. The second the guests enter their two- bedroom Hepburn Suite in the Town of Palm Beach, they are greeted with “Macallan Whiskey, Bollinger Champagne, and Tom Ford cufflinks for him and Louboutin ‘Pigalle’ heels for her.” The remainder of the two days is filled with a private helicopter tour of Palm Beach in which you can see some of the most beautiful homes in America, a sunset cruise on a 75 foot yacht with casino inspired games, and traveling around The Town of Palm Beach in an Aston Martin DB9 rental. (hope none of the residents think James Bond is poor)

This entire deal is offered for a hefty two-day price of $23,000, but it is a chance to live out a childhood fantasy of feeling like you are a part of her majesty’s secret service.

For more information on the Brazilian Court Hotel on Palm Beach you can visit their website: www.thebraziliancourt.

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