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Whether you want to know how heavy traffic is, to be updated during a hurricane, stay notified by the police for crime activity, or just want to be up to date on the latest town news—the Town of Palm Beach Alert Center will keep you informed.

The Town of Palm Beach launched a new website back in October of 2013 and with it they added an Alert Center that keeps Palm Beach Islanders up to date on important information. This feature can be viewed via their website, as well as via email and text message- if you subcribe- so that you can stay alerted on the go.

The alert center is operated by “multiple individuals, including management staff, who have been trained to use the program,” says Deputy Town Manager Jay Boodheshwar  He also told us that Town of Palm Beach police staff primarily handle the police updates and Town of Palm Beach management staff handles the remainder.


These alerts are updated as frequently as possible because the goal is to keep you safe and informed. They are updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although alerts are updated constantly, town staff makes sure that the information they are relaying to you is descriptive and accurate.

We asked Boodheshwar if he believed residents are safer because of the Town of Palm Beach alert system and he replied, “I don’t have any evidence to support saying the Town is safer because of the alert program but I can say that many residents and employees in town have come to rely on them.  With over 1,200 registered recipients of the alerts, this program has been very effective in helping us to communicate vital information very quickly via email and text.  Issues such as emergency traffic incidents, crimes in progress, and hurricane information have been communicated over the last 2 years.”

To subscribe to the Town of Palm Beach Alert Center, follow this link.

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