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Many Town residents forget to make the best of Spring Cleaning in the Town of Palm Beach. It is a time that many of us go through our homes and freshen it up a bit with some thorough tidying up. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded, and often times avoided,

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To Operate a Drone in The Town of Palm Beach

With the use of drones, for entertainment, commercial, as well as a multitude of other purposes, increasing in the United States, many people are left wondering if and how the use of these remote controlled flying machines should be regulated. As of now, pretty much anyone with a credit card

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Exploring the Palm Beach Recreation Center With June right around the corner, that means it is almost summer. The children of Palm Beach will be out of school, the seasonal residents migrate up North, and families and friends come to visit. The Palm Beach Recreation Center is home to many

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Just like fashion, food has its fads, but one American favorite that never seems to go out of style is the burger. Burgers have been a staple in most Americans diets from a greasy cheeseburger to the veggie burgers for decades upon decades. Local Town of Palm Beach eatery Del

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It is not a surprise that the City of West Palm Beach does not always share the same outlook as the Town of Palm Beach, especially when it comes to progressive developmental changes. Is there anything the Town of Palm Beach can do to prevent these changes? Town Council practices

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The firefighters in the Town of Palm Beach work diligently to protect our precious barrier island, but their hard work may go unnoticed if you browse through their benefits. When their pension and benefits were cut in 2011 and then implemented in 2012, there was an enormous feeling of dissension

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